Gentlest groomer no matter what the condition of the coat says client

If you’re looking for gentle cat groomers in Edinburgh, I would urge you to try Jack’s Grooming on Liberton Gardens, Edinburgh EH16. You’d expect Jack to be writing this but I am one of his clients!

Not every cat groomer in Edinburgh is the same

After a really horrible experience at a groomers when Jack’s was closed, I realised that not everyone is going happen upon a dog groomer that can actually groom cats, gently, and patiently and not treat them like dogs! This isn’t a scare story. I was there, and never again.

Why I can recommend this Edinburgh groomer

Edinburgh cat owners may not know what they should experience at a groomers. This is where I can help. Not only do I show my cats (so I know what their coats can look like..) but I’ve also done a grooming course just to see how other groomers work. This, I think, makes me pretty well qualified to pass judgement. I am after all a groomer myself albeit not a professional one!!

Benefits of grooming your cat

I also see a lot of cats with poor coats come into rescue at Sunny Harbour where I volunteer. So this site isn’t just about Jack’s but also has tips on how you can practice grooming at home.

Generally people don’t start grooming cats young truth grooming is one of ways you can strengthen the bond between yourself and your cat. Not only will your pet look better if you groom it regularly but it will also feel better too.

It’s also true that some dog groomers don’t want to groom cats. Others groomers can be very rough or charge you a fortune. Sometimes both.

So how much does it cost?

Rates for cat grooming in Edinburgh vary widely.

Obviously if more than a maintenance groom is needed, perhaps the coat is matted, it can take some time to get the mats out. I blame myself for needing that emergency groom. If my cat hadn’t been matted I wouldn’t have had to rush to find someone open. Luckily (or not) I found someone open and we did two sessions at – by my calculation – £1 a minute!!! So that mat cost me in the region of £120. Which is on a par with a cat being sedated and groomed at the vets. I’ve persisted with grooming my own cats (and going to Jacks). I think it’s the visits to Jack’s that’s made all my cats easier to groom at home.

So I would recommend Jack’s Grooming in Edinburgh to anyone and everyone who asks when they want their cat groomed. You see you can groom and bath a small dog and not be charge more than £30. Remedial grooming on a cat (dematting) may take more time but it would be hard to imagine a situation where you could run up a bill of more than £60 even if it needs more than one session. But it’s important to point out all cats (and the condition of their coats) are different.

A calmer experience

It doesn’t help that some groomers will try to strip a cat’s coat, like they’d do a dog’s.Cats, you see, need a different approach. Which is exactly why Jack suggests cats are brought in for an initial free consultation if its coat is matted.

Aside from being rough with cats, some groomers will insist on using all sorts of paraphernalia to keep the cats immobile. This includes the use of hoods and taping their paws with masking tape. But that’s simply not Jack’s way.

I would encourage you to book your cat in if its matted or dirty. Even short-haired cats get matted if there is too much grease and dander in their coat or if they are a bit plump.

Jack is also a good source of advice. There are rare occasions when a a veterinary shave is the only option. If your cat is one of those Jack will tell you. There are also some cats that won’t tolerate even a gentle comb through mat free hair. One of mine changed his tune about grooming when he was about 18 months old. He (Jedi) is one of those rare examples of a cat who is better off being groomed under sedation at a vets.

Don’t try this at home!

If you leave mats indefinitely they cause suffering and infections and the skin can liquify. Ugh. Don’t ever be tempted to use scissors. You can do real damage. I am aware of knowledgeable people who have wounded their cat with scissors. Blunt ended thinning scissors are a possibility but better still is a mat breaker. But it’s important to know how to use these tools.

At the end of the day of course the choice is yours. But it’s worth seeking out a groomer who will treat your much loved pet the way you would want it to be treated.