Jack’s Grooming has been an Edinburgh fixture for many years. Initially based at Blackford, Jack’s Grooming moved to its present address in Liberton Gardens in mid 2011. Jack Thornton and Joanne McIvor are life long animal lovers and both are well and truly owned by their pets. A selection features below.

Both Jack and Joanne have many years experience of grooming cats. The increasing popularity of long-haired cats in particular has led to demand for a comprehensive range of reasonably priced cat grooming services in Edinburgh. Today clients range from pedigree show cats to much loved short-haired moggies. Jack in particular is very gentle with nervous cats or cats that don’t usually enjoy being groomed.

Some cats are brought into the salon in a very matted condition. Jack and Joanne will always advise on the best course of action for the cat. In extreme cats the only viable solution is a veterinary shave…but this is rare.

You are always welcome to pop into the salon to ask for advice. To keep your cat’s coat in tip top condition Jack and Joanne recommend you give your cat regular maintenance grooms at home. Cat grooming tools are widely available. Shop online or ask Jack or Joanne for advice. Jack and Joanne that you always arrange to bring your cat in for an initial visit to gauge how it behaves and the amount of work required to groom the coat out.