Why book an appointment with a professional cat groomer? The benefits of grooming your cat are not widely understood beyond mat removal. But we often find owners are unaware of just how badly their cat’s coats are matted. Regular grooming keeps your cat healthy. Skin under mats can become infected and will eventually liquify if let long enough without the air being able to get to the skin. Elderly cats, and over-weight cats are sometimes not able to groom themselves thoroughly which is why short-haired cats can mat. But the benefits go beyond these cases.

Grooming and/or bathing and styling helps:

  • provide regular maintenance for long and semi long-haired cats such as Persians and Maine Coons
  • prepare show cats, whether pedigree or non pedigree for cat shows
  • clean a dirty coat
  • tidies up a smelly coat
  • identifies parasite infestation
  • helps treat stud tail (not confined to entire males!)
  • helps treat feline acne (similar to stud tail)
  • reduces dander
  • helps maintain an oily coat
  • prevents build up of mats
  • removes debris from the coat which can cause injuries and internal damage
  • helps keep cats comfortable in hot weather

Most customers bring their cats in for regular maintenance sessions but Jack and Joanne also see cats needing occasional remedial sessions. Around half of owners like to have their cats bathed. Jacks is also able to help owners with cat show preparation.