Cat Show Preparation Help

Many people don’t realise that non pedigree cats are welcome at most cats shows in the UK and have their own special section called Non Pedigree Pets. Whatever kind of cat you’re showing we can help get it ready for the show. Our cat show preparation service includes a full bath and drying with a kind-to-the-coat ionic dryer.

As with most things with cats, the earlier you start getting your cat used to bathing the better! Most of our clients agree that trying to bath a cat on your own at home is a tall order. If you have enclosed shower cubicle this is often the best place to bath a cat at home, just don’t get water in their ears or soap in their eyes!

Show preparation starts with a thorough grooming, including de-matting if required. It’s important to get loose hair out of the coat, even if you’re showing in the pet classes since judges will often run their hands along the cat’s coat to check how much preparation you have put in! But by the same token we understand that cats coats should not be stripped. 20 years of experience mean we can find the happy medium.

Many of our regular clients’ cats can be bathed with just one person. But of course there are also cats that never seem to become relaxed. We make every effort to keep cats calm and don’t believe in pulling cats about. We make sure that all shampoo and conditioner is thoroughly removed from the coat before towel drying your cat.

At Jack’s Grooming we do not use Cabinet dryers for cats. Cats are caged dried using a ‘best in class’ quiet ionic dryer. They are never blasted as is normal practice with dogs. When cats are part dried their coats are then hand-finished with the dryer and appropriate combs such as slicker for longer haired cats. Grooming powder can be sparingly added to the coat for that essential finishing touch.

We also trim your cats front claws as per the GCCF code before bathing, as part of getting ready for the show. Cats eyes and ears are also cleaned so that you have nothing to do but keep your cat looking gleaming until show day!