Free Cat Nail Clipping in Edinburgh with Grooming Appointments

All our cat grooming appointments include free cat nail clipping as an optional extra. Indoor cats in particular benefit from regular claw trimming. Of course you can also get your cats nails trimmed at the vets but this would include a charge.

Unless you are one of the few cat owners who can trim your cat’s claws while they are asleep or relaxed it can be difficult to clip claws yourself. It’s easy to make a mistake and if you cut too high up you will cause a bleed. We recommend outdoor cats only have their front nails clipped to ensure they can still climb safely. On the other hand, indoor only cats can benefit from an all-round clip.

Nail clipping is included free of charge with every cat grooming or bathing appointment. Just ask Jack when you bring in your cat.

If you find your cat scratches furniture, blunting the ends of claws can help. However the best solution is to provide dedicated cat scratching equipment for your cat. Ideally this takes the form of cat scratchers and climbers which also provide your cat with a stimulating play environment. Alternatives that work well are pieces of old carpet or coir matting which can be left on the ground or attached to walls or furniture.

If you feel you must clip nails yourself then please see our early post on diy nail clipping.

Our best advice is always to see professional help if your cat gets agitated when clipping nails. A minority of cats really require veterinary support for nail clipping. If this doesn’t apply to you then just request nail clipping when you make an appointment for de-matting, combing or bathing.  Both long and short haired cats are welcome and we aim to make your feline friends appointment as enjoyable as possible and owners can stay with their cats if preferred.

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