How We Make Jack’s Grooming Cat Friendly

We aim to make our salon cat-friendly and safe for cats so that our feline clients are as relaxed as possible! We always recommened that first-timers come in for an inital free consultation so we can get to know each other. This is especially important for cats with significant matting. However there are a range of ways we aim to be the most cat-aware grooming salon in Edinburgh.

  • cats are never restrained
  • we don’t tie cats to grooming tables
  • cats are never left unattended
  • nervous cats can have exlcusive use of one of our grooming rooms
  • the front door is kept locked when cats are on the premises
  • we don’t accept bookings for large or loud dogs when there are cats in the salon
  • we are happy to pass on cat grooming know-how to owners wishing to maintain their cats coat at home
  • we don’t use drying cabinets – cats are cage dried and then finished on the bench
  • we use cat specific grooming tools
  • we use quiet ionic dryers for drying cats coats. These are much quieter than conventional blaster/dryers
  • we’re happy for cat owners to bring their cat coat preparations
    • There is no way to handle or groom cats but we believe that cats should be groomed gently, in a quiet environment. Even nervous or agressive cats can improve when groomed appropriately. Jack and Joanne are both ‘cat people’ so can be relied upon to treat your cat the way you would want it to be handled.

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