Photo Gallery

Here you’ll find photos of Jack and Joanne’s cat clients. It wouldn’t be a proper cat grooming site if you didn’t show you how relaxed the cats are at Jacks salon.

maine coon asleep while being groomed


Maine coon Jonesy was originally a real fidget when being groomed at home! So his owner brought him to Jack’s Grooming for regular grooming sessions and cat show preparation. As you can see he’s now totally relaxed being groomed!



Jack with Jedi a maine coon who doesn’t like to be groomed at all. We can only groom him in short sessions and requires very gentle handling.

Jonesy and Dylan

Moggie Dylan and Jonesy again, being cage dried as part of their cat show preparation.


Moggie Dylan winning a cup at a cat show after being groomed at Jack’s. Dylan doesn’t like being bathed which is why his mummy brings him to Jack’s.