The Importance Of Keeping Long-Hair Cats Mat-Free

Not all the cats we groom are long-haired, but many are. We encourage clients to bring their cats in for regular maintenance grooming sessions. But long-haired cats coming to us for the first time are often very matted. It can be time-consuming making sure your cat is kept free of mats and we understand not everyone has the time or confidence to tackle their cats coat.

Long-hair cats can become very uncomfortable when their coats mat. It restricts the cat’s movement. The problem is that the skin tightens, and doesn’t get any air. The other problem is that garden debris such as grass and sticky willow seeds can actually go through the skin. Likewise twigs and brambles. Skin can easily become infected and in some cases the skin will tear.

The key to preventing a build up of debris is to run your hands over your cat on a daily basis. Indoor cats don’t need to be checked so often but greasy coats and cats that shed a lot of dander are prone to matting more quickly.

Knowing how to deal with mats safely is the key thing. It’s never a good idea to cut mats or hair with kitchen scissors. There are specific tools you can learn to use such as mat breakers which make light work of removing mats. But many mats can be teased out with your fingers if you sprinkle them with fragrance free talcum powder. Teasing out mats isn’t instant, but the effort is worth it to keep cats comfortable.

The time-consuming element is one of the reasons we groom so many semi-long hair and long-hair cats. Whether you prefer not to groom your cat at all or your cat only needs to come in a couple of times a year, we’re happy to help. And if you’d like to learn how to keep your cat mat free at home – just ask. We’re happy to show you and talk you through the tools you need.

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